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I made these cast glass bowls upon returning to live in New Zealand in 2005.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

hi from Auckland

Well, it's been four weeks since I've been back in Aucklandtown and I'm not sure how they've slipped past so fast. A few days jet lag, a few days at the beach house, a few days chasing work and a new studio, and two weeks flat on my back with flu....and blow me down, there's 28 days worth!
However, it is fabulous to be back. Miss my London friends of course, but am so enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere of this town. For some reason I was finding London a bit claustraphobic towards the end. Anyway, here's a couple of photos from where I live in Devonport that may explain my state of mind at the moment.
(This is taken from the balcony)

Actually, I've decided that my next task in life is to entice as many of you to Auckland for my 50th birthday in January 2008, and what better way to to that but to share the beauty and specialness of this place.

So if you feel like a little dose of sunshine (especially those of you in the UK) take a peek at these photos every now and then for a sunny shot to the scenses!.

This is the historic sea scout hall across the road, where I held my exhibition in March.

Here's Nicola (who popped over from Brisbane for a long weekend of R&R) sitting atop Mt Victoria which backs onto the house (which is out of sight to the left of the photo). The city Sky Tower can be seen in the distance.

The view of the city out of the dining room window. The city is a 15 min ferry ride across the harbour. (The colour is from Australian bush fire haze drifting across the Tasman Sea).

And here's a little shot of summer - our beautiful toi-toi (emphasising the blue skies) and the frangipani in full bloom (fast becoming a kiwi icon).

Ciao for now lots of love Susan


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